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Synergetic effect of C*N^N/C^N^N coordination and the aryl

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The human cationic amino acid transporter (ATRC1): physical

D13S10, D13S11, D13S21, D13S22, D13S33, D13S36, and D13S37. Genomics 12: 430-4; 1992Albritton, LM, Bowcock, AM, Eddy, RL, Morton

Method and apparatus for simulating circuits using s-parameters

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Projection image display optical system

S22(I) r22 = ∞ Aspherical Data of 4th S5(R1)  rS = −310.915: (Reflection) d15 = 10.430 S16 r16 = 23.648 d16 = 7


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Terminal apparatus and system

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Aminolysis of a Model Nerve Agent: A Computational Reaction

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Method, apparatus and system for transmitting media data

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The Design and Development of a High Perfomance Bi-

S22 E2 S32 S42 S12 S32 S22 S42 C3 C4 Micro controller EX-Or Gate GateTable 3.1: Ratings and specifications of IGBT type IRG430CKD. VCE VCE sat

Method of correcting mask pattern and mask, method of

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Document Type and Number: European Patent 430 may include switching units SU11 and SU12,S22 (see FIG. 1) in the second converter leg